World Day of the Sick

World day of the sick is celebrated every year on 11th February since 1993 when Pope John Paul II  disclosed publicly that he was suffering from parkinsonism disease. It was a mere coincidence that the exact same day is the commmemoration of Our Lady of Lourdes

Now the question is “why the day is celebrated? ” Pope John Paul II was diagnosed with Parkinson disease on year 1991 and disclosed this one year later. He initiated this day on 1992 to encourage people to pray for the sufferers. He had written a apostolic letter Salvifici Doloris about  suffering and believed that the suffering is very much salvific and redeeming through Christ. First time, this day was observed on year 1993 since then it’s celebrated every year. 

It is for all the believers who seek time to pray for people who is suffering right now from diseases even the people who are mentally tortured by the society for their uniqueness. People tend to pray for the mankind and a hope to heal for the sufferers. 

In 2005, this day had a special importance as Pope John Paul II died that year due to sepsis. 

In 2013, Pope Benedict XVI declared his resignation from Pope post during this day and cited his failing health as the reason. 

So, in the end, I would just say let’s just give one day to pray for poors and sufferers who are enduring hardships more than us. Whenever you’re in trouble, you always try to  believe that there’s somebody who is suffering more than you but still smiling. Our today’s mankind is so self-absorbed and self-centered that we just care about ourselves . Let’s give one day to pray for those people other than us. 

List of prayers by Holy Father


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